Year 11 Biology - Depth Study #1 - Cell Specialisation

- Task One: You are to conduct individual research on a chosen specialised cell, gathering information using the guiding questions provided (in the process section).

- Task Two: You are to collaborate with another student to create either a 10 minute documentary video OR a scientific two page journal article, based on the information you have gathered.

- Task Three: You are to post your documentary/article on google classroom.

Task One: Individual Student Research (Suggested time to complete = 1.5 lessons)

Part 1. The terms cell differentiation & cell specialisation are often thrown around interchangeably, conduct some fancy google searches to work out the meanings behind both of the terms.
Have a look at this forumn to get you started: You will need to look further into these terms to note any differences between the term meanings, are they different at all?.

Part 2. Using this link, choose one specialised animal cell and construct a flowchart of your chosen specialised cells formation. For example this image shows how a specialised cell (erythrocyte) is formed from its stem cell. (DO NOT USE THIS EXAMPLE).

Part 3. Relate your chosen specialised cell to its subsequent tissue, organ, and organ system functions.
For example specialised heart muscle cells make up the hearts tissue which does something, which also makes up the heart which does something, which also makes up the cardiovascular system which does something.......... Construct another flowchart for this, include a paragraph minimum of information of each level of organisation.

Part 4. Describe the evolutionary disadvantages of cell specialisation.

Part 5. Discuss uses for cell specialisation in medicine.(eg stem cell treatment for diabetes). 

Form a Group with Another Individual to Create A Documentary/Article (Suggested time to complete = 1.5 lessons)  

Part 1. - read this article and discuss with your peer.

Part 2. Create a 10 minute documentary or a two page journal article on the mesentery, focusing on the following:

a) The specialised cells within the mesentery (mesothelial cells).
b) The system the organ is part of
c) The purpose of this organ system
d) Stem cell research into a disease of this organ system

Task 3. Post your documentary/article on google classroom.