Writing Good Informational Paragraphs

As part of E20 of the Intensive English curriculum, students are required to be able to write informational paragraphs. With my help (and the help of the internet), we are going to learn about what a good informational paragraph looks like. You are able to add your own voice to the paragraph; however, all paragraphs have the same essential structure. Continue forward to learn how to make your very own informational paragraph. 

1. Pick a topic that is of interest to you.

2. Research the topic and take notes that you can use for your paragraphs later. 

3. Put your notes in order by the topic they pertain to. This will help you piece your paragraphs together later. 

4. Determine the order that you you want your paragraphs to go in. Keep in mind that your paper should flow in a way that makes sense. 

5. Write the rough draft of your paper. As you do this, you will mold your paragraphs in a way that makes sense. 

6. Have a friend read your paper (and you read their's) in order to peer edit your work. 

7. Have your instructor look over your paper to check for mistakes and errors. 

8. Create your final draft and publish!