The World's Weirdest Food

You are going to read a text about the world's weirdest food and then you are going to complete two different excercises. Afterwards, in a word document you will write a short review about a restaurant you have ever been to. Do not forget to use connectors appropriately to link ideas as well as accurate vocabulary. Write between 100-120 words. Send the review to the teacher via e-mail.

- You will have 15 minutes to read the text and carrying out the activities

- Then, you will have 20 minutes to write the review

- and 10 minutes to ask your partner to correct your writing with the purpose of improving it before sending it to the teacher


Click here to find the text and the activities:        


I will correct the reading activity with the whole class, whereas I will correct the writings at home by taking into account the following criteria:

- Structure

- Grammar and vocabulary

- Content

- Length

Students will receive individual feedback via e-mail.