Winter Olympics 2018

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You will be reporting LIVE from Pyeong Chang as you cover the Winter games during the 2018 Olympics. You will be videotaped and use the recording as part of your presentation of the chosen sport. You will need to design a poster to advertise the sport to create an interest. You will be evaluated according to your creativity and originality while producing the video. You will also be using Google slides for your final presentation with the video embedded in it.  The google slides will demonstrate your knowledge of the sport, its history, its part in the Olympic games, and any other interesting facts you found.


First, your teacher will assign you to a team. Each team will then be assigned one of the winter olympic sports. (There will be no teams reporting on the same sport) Be sure your passport is up to date!

Step 1: Know your Sport! 

Since you will be making a LIVE broadcast (video) of the sport while on location, you will need to know background information of that sport. Your group will need  to gather information using the fact sheet at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Visual Display 

Your team will need to design a poster advertising your sport. This poster may be created in Glogster using graphics, word art, text, and other images to spark an interest in the public about your sport, or the old fashion poster board way.  The goal is to get as many people as you can to tune in and watch the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Step 3: Reporting LIVE from Pyeong Chang....... 

It's time to put your best foot forward and be a star on TV! Your team will create a video broadcast of your chosen sport as it's being played in Pyeong Chang. You may use Google Docs with embedded video to share your information. Remember, your audience may not know much about the sport, so be sure to include the information you found as you completed the FACT SHEET. (If the sport has already been played, you can report on actual medal winners during this presentation)

Resources you will need:

Winter Olympic Games
Winter Olympics
NBC Olympic Coverage

You may also use encyclopedias, Internet, library sources, etc

# Below Standard 1 Standard 3 Above Standard 5 Exemplary 8 Score
Fact Sheet and Poster Completion Members did not all complete tasks. Poster incomplete. No effort was given to complete poster. work done by group members was incomplete. -little effort was given on poster Each member completed their portion of fact sheet but the poster needed more work. Each member completed all their tasks. Much effort was given on the poster. Very creative /8
Group Participation Group spent too much time arguing. All members did not contribute. Time was not well managed. Group did not do two of the following: -work cooperatively -participation by every member -manage time well One of the following was missing: -cooperative work -everyone participated -time was managed well. Group members -worked cooperatively -participated equally -managed time well /8
Accuracy nformation was inaccurate and misleading. There were some inaccuracies in the information. Mostly accurate. There were a few incorrect facts. Completely accurate. Research was well done. /8
Presentation Work was not well organized and difficult to follow. It wasn't very interesting. It was obvious there was no rehearsal. Was at times interesting but needed more organization. It needed more rehearsal. Was interesting most of the time. Information was all presented. Was well done and interesting to the audience. Entertaining. /8

Total Score: /32

Congratulations!  Your project is complete!  You worked hard and deserve to go out and watch the Olympic Games.  Be sure to come back and tell us which events you watch from home!

I used an old webquest for this yearś Winter Olympic games