Which is better for you?

Hi everyone,

For next class you will have to bring a powerpoint presentation. This is based in the third guide. Fortunately you have too much time to prepare it.

If you have questions just send me a message.

In this project we are going to use all grammar and topics seen until here in the english classes. It´s very important that apply everything, since how to introduce to someone until what we have been learnt in he last class.



Work in couple or three (maximum) The purpose is defined characteristic about people, things and places. You must look for differences in two things (people or places). You could establish many differences as many as you can between two artists, two pets, countries of food. Which is better? This, will be the question that you have to answer in order to develope your assignement.

Some ideas:

Maduro vs Putin
Rock and roll vs reggaeton
cds, vinyls and cassettes vs youtube
vegetarians vs meat eaters
Britney Spears vs Katy Perry
God vs devil



Analyze the information in order to develop the project by using the pros and cons. As you know, everything in the life has good things and bad things. if so, try to prepare a powerpoint presentation where you can expose this about what have you chosen. Use images, videos, songs, activities...just use what you want.

You could ask the question in order to answer if hot dogs are better than hamburgers... which is better?

Try to speak about everything, give dates of born, origins, awards, inventions. Remember what you have learn is just one thing, that's why you must try to speak more.

Study the third guide and learn how to express your opinions. Use the expressions.

To present the Powerpoint slides to the class.

Use the expressions to give opinions which are the third guide (Pre-task).

Ask to your classmates if they agree or disagree with your reasons exposed.

WebQuest done by Jorge Corrales