When Sharks Attack!

Are you afraid of a shark attack?

Do you know the facts about shark attacks?

Have you ever heard a shark attack story or myth before?

Do you know what sharks really want to eat?

To research the facts about Sharks eating habits and create a 1-2 paragraph summary answering the questions below:

- What are the facts about shark attacks?

- What are some myths about sharks?

- What do sharks prefer to eat?

- Are you afraid of sharks?


Please click on the links below and visit the sites looking for the answers to the task questions provided. Make sure to take lots of notes!




Once you have finished visiting all the sites listed, take your notes and answer the following questions in a 2-3 paragraph summary.

- What are the facts about sharks?

- What are some of the myths about sharks?

- What do sharks prefer to eat?

- Are you afraid of sharks?

After you have competed your summary, you will be grouped with other students to discuss your findings.

Today you learned about the facts and myths surrounding shark attacks. You learned all about the foods sharks eat and prefer to eat. You learned that there are much fewer shark attacks than most people think!

Sharks are amazing creatures of the sea, but humans need to take precautions when entering areas where they are found, especially when they are being studied up close!

Today you also learned how to search the web to find important and factual information about shark attacks. Great job!

This web quest was created for upper elementary students.

The following websites and their creators made this web quest possible. 

http://discoverykids.com/articles/shark-attacks/  - Discovery Communications, LLC

https://www.worldwildlife.org/stories/shark-facts-vs-shark-myths  - World Wildlife Funds

http://www.sharks-world.com/what_do_sharks_eat/ - Bioexpeditions Publishing