What is Maglev (2)

Have you ever experimented with a couple of magnets? You probably know that magnets have a north pole and a south pole. When you bring the north pole of one magnet towards the south pole of another magnet, what happens? These opposite poles are attracted to one another and the magnets come together. What happens when you bring the north pole of one magnet towards the north pole of another magnet? This time these like poles repel one another. Did you know that this simple property of magnets is used to propel special trains at speeds up to 300 miles per hour? Such trains are known as magnetic levitation trains, usually shortened to maglev. In this WebQuest, you’ll find out how magnetism, and mag lev trains, may help solve some transportation problems in the 21st century.

Your job in this WebQuest is to find out how magnetic levitation works.  You will use this information to build a model of a maglev vehicle. 

While on your webquest you must answer the following 4 questions.

1.  How does magnetic levitation work?

2.  Where do magnetic levitation systems exist or where are they planned? (at least 3)

3.  Name 4 pros and 4 cons of magnetic levitation technology?

4.  What does maglev stand for?

5.  Explain how magnetic levitation enables vehicles to move quickly with little need for additional power sources.

6.  Identify three types of magnets and describe how they work.

7.  What are 4 of the common shapes of magnets and how are they used?

Create a google doc to answer these questions then print it and hand it in at the end of class.

Use the following links to help you answer these questions.

How does maglev work








pros and cons:


Where can you find maglev trains:


magnetic levitation allows for fast travel


types of magnets




shapes of magnets





6-7 questions were completed with accuracy.  

Word Doc was printed out and handed in


4-5 questions were completed with accuracy.  
.Word Doc was printed out and handed in


2-3 Questions were completed with accuracy.  
Word Doc was printed out and handed in


One question was completed with accuracy.  
Word Doc was printed out and handed in

What do you think of using magnetic levitation technology to solve transportation issues?  You should now know about maglev; what its' benefits are and about its' disadvantages.  You should also have learned how it operates and what several countries are doing to implement it into their mass transportation systems.

After you have printed and handed in your questions you can check out the videos on the credits page