Internet Safety for 4th graders

In this  webquest you will be learning about Internet Safety.

You will learn what to do and what not to do on the Internet.  

You will have three tasks to complete in this webquest.

I hope you have fun and learn more about internet safety.

The Internet needs more Digital Citizens like you!

You will need to think about all of the Internet Safety tips you learned over the last two years.  

Remember the Big Three Internet Safety Tips:

Be Kind Online

Never Give out Personal Information

Ask an Adult for Help

Keep in mind what it means to be a great Digital Citizen - A safe and responsible Internet user!

Task 1:

Click on the following link to watch a video about Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety:

These are the four questions you must answer using your own paper.

1. Should you give out personal information to others you don't know?

2.Should you talk to people you don't know online? Why or why not?

3.Should you go to sites that you may not know about?

4.Is it good to stay on the internet for a long time?

Task 2:

 To complete this task you will go to the link listed below and play games about internet safety.You will learn what to do on the internet and what not to do. Click on the link below.

 Click on this link

Task 3:

Visit the Stokes Library Media Center website and try a few scenarios under the "Common Sense Ed" tab: