Dear Mrs. LaRue: A Mark Teague WebQuest

Welcome to your WebQuest!   

Today you will follow the web links to:

  • Learn biographical information about Mark Teague
  • Research a type of dog breed
  • Listen to part of Mark Teague's story Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters From Obedience School.  

1. Click below to hear an inteview with Mark Teague

2. Choose a breed of DOG and research that type of DOG.  Be sure to read the "FUN FACTS"

3. Listen to the exerpt of the story by clicking the link below:

After listening to this 2 times, answer these questions on your paper:

1-What is Mrs. LaRue's dog's name?

2-Where is she sending her dog?

3-List two reasons why she is angry with her dog.


Use the provided Exit ticket when you are finished.  






Stays on Topic

Stays on topic all (100%) of the time.

Stays on topic most (99-90%) of the time.

Stays on topic some (89%-75%) of the time.

Did not stay on topic.

Congratulations on completing your WebQuest.  

On your paper, take a moment to answer this last question:

Question: Did you like using a WebQuest?  

Please explain what you did or did not like about the WebQuest.