Webquest The Aboriginal Art

Promote the Australian Museum Exhibition about Aboriginal Art and culture.

You must create a document to promote an Aboriginal art and culture exhibtion.

The requirements are the following :

  • Format : video (Powtoon) or Prezi,
  • Must include : text, images, videos, music
  • Must be a collaborative work
  • Will be presented to the class

You have at your disposal several sources of information :

3 texts in Meeting Point p.216 The journey into the Dreamtime:

  • The Dreamtime : a definition
  • We are all one
  • Aboriginal Art

1 audio recording Art revival  https://drive.google.com/a/st-do.fr/file/d/11aEiuYi5fzv-FCeiBRRKbg_CR5MaOX1f/view?usp=sharing

1 text The Songlines https://drive.google.com/a/st-do.fr/file/d/1boUOUb6MHpt_chR5paHCbMbNFWKZTmRs/view?usp=sharing

1 website :


1 webquest

Go online and look up the information.

Here are some videos to introduce the Aboriginal culture.




Aborigines: Music and Arts







Questions to help you gather information to create your promotional poster/video.


1 - Who are the Aborigines?

2 - What do they do to make their culture unique?

3 - What is their religion/belief?

4 - What is a storytelling?

5 – Where can the Aboriginal art be found?

6 - Are music and dance important for Aborigines?