vertebrates and invertebrates

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

1. differentiate vertebrates and invertebrates they have in their own locality,

2. identify vertebrates and invertebrates according to their characteristics, and

3. distinguish vertebrates from invertebrates.

The Learning Task:

The students will be expected to identify, differentiate, and distinguish vertebrates and invertebrates animals of their own.

The Learning Experiences:

1. The students will be grouped into five.

2. They will post their collected pictures of vertebrates and invertebrates animals on the board according to their characteristics or what they have in common.


The students will be evaluated through rubric wherein five is the highest and one is the lowest score. The other group will be the one to evaluate the work of the group presenting. Also the teacher will evaluate the group presentation.

We the teachers concluded that all groups have been presented well. They have presented their work properly and directly.

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