Theatre History

A webquest is an activity or project using the Internet as a primary source of information. As you

participate in this project, you will use the Internet to gather information about the history of theater.

You will search for information about the timeline of Theatre history from the beginning.

  • Gather 3 important (or at least interesting facts about Theatre history)

facts from each era( using the Internet), and design a Google Slide Presentation to educate the rest of the

class about your research. You will then present the presentation to the class.


  • The completed result should entail 20-25 slides
  • You should attempt to answer key questions about each era.You should answer at least four (4) of them.
  1. How does the time period influence the qualities of the drama produced?
  2. Where was theatre produced?
  3. What technical theater capabilities existed?
  4. . What was the acting style like?
  5.  What where the characteristics of a good actor?
  6.  What dates does the period include?
  7.  Who went to see the theatre and why?
  8.  Who were the important personalities associated with the theatre? Why?
  9.  What factors influenced the success of the theatre?
  10.  What would an audience member see at a typical production

slides need more than pictures. They should be labeled or titled.


Your presentation will be worth a total of 200 points. Your project will be graded by the following requirements.

a. contains factual information about the subject
b. is interesting to the class
c. shows creativity
d. is neat, grammatically correct and has all words spelled correctly

Valuable Resources: - although dedicated to a particular theater, there is some good general information here about various eras of theater history with information about individual eras

-Medieval (Middle Ages) theater, documents and promotes the architectural, cultural, and social relevance of America's historic theatres. of Western Theatre traced to Ancient. Greece. ▣ Ancient Greek Beliefs: • Humans can make significant decisions. • Democracy. 

If other sources were used ,you must give credit to the owners or site.

Students may work in pairs or alone.

Up to 2 class periods may be used.

Students will send a copy to

 Students will retain a copy to review for test