Tattoos in work

Tattoos are a big part of our world today! Many work places today down you for having tattoos and I don't this that this is a way to judge people. So what is the biggest reason why a lot of work places don't like it?

Tattoos are not a great way to judge a person. Work places a lot of times interview and the interview goes great then at the end they ask the person is they have visible tattoos And a lot of times if the person says yes then usually they will not get the job and that's just not right when a lot of people in the world today have tattoos.

There needs to be a law made that says tattoos are aloud in work places. It is a big stereotype of people with tattoos that they are bad peoples or dirty people! I this the law would help these people out! Coming from a person with tattoos I feel this is needed!

Tattoos are just not a good way to Judge and to think it's very stupid! People need to stop and think of how this topic really sounds! But it's a society stereotype and this is a very big problem in the world today!

So to close I think the law on tattoos in work places should go into effect, it would give people with a lot of tattoos hope of getting a job! Tattoos don't make a persons personality of how they work!