Good Day My Beautiful Students!

I trust all is well with you all today?

Today, we are going to do things a bit different.  We are going on a treasure hunt...for information!

You will receive a sheet with questions, that you are to answer by following the links and clues that have been set out.  

Our topic is one you are familiar with - Software

Click the link below to answer your first question.  ONLY SHORT DEFINITIONS ARE REQUIRED.

Task 1: Give a brief definition of software.


Task 2: State the TWO types or categories of software & a brief description.


Task 3: Application software is classified into two parts - General Purpose & Special Purpose. Give brief definitions.,_The_Stored_Program_Concept_and_the_Internet/Fundamentals_of_Computer_Systems/Application_software


Task 4: General Purpose Software includes Software Suite & Integrated Software.  Explain the difference.

There is a room filled with books.  The answer to this task finds you there.