So You Wanna Be A Video Game Designer...

So you wanna be a video game designer...

In this WebQuest you will learn even more than you already do about the field of video game design!

Be Mindful. Read all Directions. And May the Force be with You!

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You will be combing your Engineering skills with your Researcher skills in this WebQuest!  Your goal is to research and explore the role and responsibilities of being Video Game Designer.  Where would you go to school? How long do you have to study? How much money will you make?  What different roles within video game design exist? And more!

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During this WebQuest you are going to look up information about the career of Video Game Designer.

A good website to look at for colleges to go to is:

Go here to look for colleges and EDUCATION.

You will also need information about the CAREER of Video Game Designer.

Finally, go to this site for information about the REQUIREMENTS to become a Video Game Designer.

After getting all this information, you will now create your Poster.  This Poster should include information found on the sites above along with visuals; make your poster aesthetic and inviting!  With the topics EDUCATION, CAREER, & REQUIREMENTS


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You will be evaluated by your participation, creativity, effort, mindfulness and good looks ;)  Your evaluation score will be figured into your Final F2F Grade.