In this webquest you will learn about the school system in the UK.

Risultati immagini per english students

You will work in groups and will search for information about the school system in the UK. At the end of your webquest, you'll be able to report about the English school system and highlight the differences with the Italian school system.

Step 1

Work with your partner and answer the following questions:

1. How old are the British when they start school?

2. What are the different education stages?

3. Do children in England wear a school uniform?

4. On what days do children attend school?

Step 2 - A typical school day

1. What time do the children arrive at school?

2. What time does school start?

3. What happens at "Registration"?

4.What time does Assembly start?

5. What do children do at assembly?

6. What time is the first break and what do the children do at break time?

7. When does lunch time begin and how long does it last?

8. When does school end?

9. What do the children do after school?

Step 3

1. What different types of schools do you have in England?

2. What is the difference between Grammar Schools and Comprehensive schools?


After completing the activity, you should have learned the most important features of the English school system. Once you have completed your assignment put together all the information collected and  write one paragraph. You should be able to report it orally, too