Saving The Manatees!

The Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Center wants you to keep the manatees off the endangered list! Your job as marine biologist is to focus on manatees for a whole week to research, analyze and gather information to find effective solutions to protect them and to keep them off the endangered list. Your mission as marine biologist is to keep record of the manatees well-being, inform others why it is important to keep them safe. At the end of your research, you and other marine biologists will have a conference with the president of the Endangered Species Prevention Association (ESPA) to present and share data with recommendations. The information your team will provide will convince the president whether to enclose manatee populated areas or not. This job not only requires hard work, but those who are extremely passionate on sea life. Only the best of the best marine biologist have been chosen and all of you have the qualifications to save the manatees!