Geography Themes

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Imagine you were able to fly and picture yourself landing on top of your school building. Would be able to tell your friends how you got there.Will you tell them you flew one block or around the corner?



Geography is the study of the world. 

In this lesson tell me What are the five themes of geography and how do they impact people's lives?

Create and describe at least one instructional activity based on a view of geography as the study of relationships within places, humans, and environments.


Students will create a map about the five themes of Geography explaining the importance of impacts each one can have on humans, places and the environment.

Students will take Location, and tell each other where is it in the World that they are studying. Absolute location is it north and south of the equator of latitute of east and west of the equator of longitude? 

Students should think of place, physical and human intereactions. What is the practices in this place or settings that makes up their culture or differences. 

Then you have Human/Environment interaction, tell me if these individuals adapt well at once or what type of environment are they living in and how is it affecting them as a person. Are there many options. What are their rights? 

Students will be able to describe movement, is it easy to get around. What type of transportation does this group have. Are there any similarities to where you live? Ideas are able to travel from one place to another in this theme. 

Lastly you will recognize region, that is important for unified cultural, economical and poloitical features used to generalize parts of the earth's surface. 


Using your map you will be able to tell me about the relationships between 3 different places, how  humans and environments are similar or different. 

Here are some ideas of places and links to help you through your process of creating your map and providing your information.



1 (C)                                                                 

Students have headed their maps with a name, the map is partially finished and is readable  

Students handwriting is readable and  there are colors on the page  

Student have answered all questions given and placed them on map  


Students are creative thework looks decent and is readable, legible

Student is very colorful and half of the map is colorful

students answered all questions given and placed them in the correct places 


Students have headed their maps and it is well written

Students were very creative and responsible

Students answered all questions and placed them in the correct places 





Now that you are finished with your map of 3 different places, humans and their environments similiarities and differences. Make sure to review and check your responses for each answer you have provided before handing it in to the teacher. It is important that your punctuations are correct and that you have colored the whole map any color of your choice. Make sure you revise your name and date. 

Remember that Humans are made up from their environment. Geography is the study of the world. There are five themes in geography, place, location. region, human environment/interaction and movment. Turn all of your work if your are finished. 


This lesson was created by Shari Anderson. GCU EED 570

Teacher's Page

Hi, there thanks for taking time out to visit my webquest and this lesson is implemented for grades 3-5. The purpose is to teach students how to be resonsible for their own assignments and to teach them how to follow directions. Also it allows me to track their knowledge of respnsibility and independent evaluation. Create your own webquest here by signing up for free and have your students learn from your lesson, to track how much they are able to work on their own. contact me if you have any other questions. Look at other webquest for other ideas as well. Shari Anderson