Planning for the Future



Only a few years from now you and your friends that are currently in middle school will be graduating from high school and going into the next phase of their lives. Some will be going into the real-world on their own and others will venture out with friends. 

How will you make it on your own with the responsibilities of acquiring a place to live, securing a job, and continuing with your education and planning a budget around all of the necessities needed to live.

In order to be prepared, you will use the knowledge gained in class regarding check books and budgets along with the Internet to research and plan for your future as a successful and responsible member of society.

You will use the Internet to gather information on resources including a place to live, transportation options, education and other important aspects of living. 

I have come up with jobs that you will randomly select from. This will also include your salary whether it be every week, bimonthly, or monthly. 

Your main objective is to plan your budget using the salary given. 

You will be working with one other person and you will be roommates in whatever housing you choose. You will use both of your salaries to determine your individual expenses. The way you work out your budget is up to you.

Once you and your partner have your job with the included salaries, you will need to take into account the following bills and expenses and create your monthly budget plans. 

* Education: Due on the 9th of every month.
Because we live in a college town, Austin Peay is the cheapest university choice: 

Transportation: Due on the 20th
You will research your options for vehicles and use your budget to determine what kind of car and monthly payment you can handle. 

Apartment: Rent is due the 1st of month
You will research apartment prices using the web sites provided showing apartments available in Clarksville ONLY. You must get a 2 bedroom apartment. 

Cell Phone: Due on the 28th
You and your partner will research phone plans from cell phone providers. You will determine whether you will use a plan together or if it would be cheaper to get one on your own. 
A cell phone is optional. 

Electric Bill: Due on the 7th
Each partnership will have the same electric bill based on averages for a two bedroom apartment. It will be $170/month total.

Water: Due on the 10th
For most apartments in this area, water is not included in rent. Your water bill total is $40/month.

Groceries: 11th and 25th of every month. You will look through grocery ads online to determine your grocery bill. A list of things needed to purchase includes:

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels

Laundry Detergent

Dish Soap

Hygiene Products (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc)

Cable: Due on the 24th
Some cable companies will allow you to "bundle" cable, Internet, and home phone for a lower price. Research your options to see what works best for you. OPTIONAL

Internet: Due on the 24th 
Internet is necessary for classwork and sometimes for your job. Determine which Internet service provider would be the best. 

Clothes: Will buy once a month on a date of your choosing. You will spend $75 a month on basic clothes. You may purchase additional clothes if wanted and if your budget allows

Savings: You must save AT LEAST $50/month 

Entertainment: This category is for you to determine what activities you like to do such as baseball games, eating out, movies, or other recreational activities. You may or may not have much money to do these things and this is why it is important to prioritize as to what is important to you. 

For every bill, you will balance your checking account. 

Document every expense and explain your reasoning for your decision. 

TIP: You will split rent between you and your partner so be sure that you split bills evenly such as cable, Internet, rent, water, electric, and groceries. 

* Keep in mind that one of you might make more money and it is up to your partnership how you balance that out to make things fair and work well for you. 

* You will document all bills and expenses and plan your budget for two months.



Transportation: Use these websites. Use a monthly car payment estimate tool to determine monthly payment.



Cell Phones/Cable/Internet

or search for others you know of.

Budget Planner: Two different worksheets were provided. You can decide which you would use. 

You will use the budget planning spreadsheet or document to create a PowerPoint with your partner documenting your experience regarding planning a budget. The power point must include the following:


  • Job descriptions and salaries of each person in group. 
  • Apartment you chose, the rent, and why you chose it. Include amenities in apartment such as if it has a pool, washer/dryer, etc.
  • Type of cars your chose and monthly payment. 
  • Cell phones, home phones, cable service, and Internet service with prices and any packages you chose that lowered your cost. Explain why you chose these. 
  • Entertainment choices that you made and why you made them. 
  • Most importantly include whether or not you were able to meet your budget expectations. 
  • State whether you met your budget, had extra money at the end of each month, or if you exceeded your budget. 
  • Include anything you could have done differently as well as what you learned from this experience. 

Planning for your future is more important than you may think. This webquest will allow you to get a better understanding as to what education means in terms of your future as well as becoming comfortable using what we have learned about money.