Physical Regions of Canada

There is a map of Canada at the back of my room.  In pairs (or groups of 3) you will be responsible for creating a 3-D representation of your Physical Region.

 All aspects of the physical region must be included on the map

You will also be responsible for creating a google slide presentation.

You will need to be coming prepared for class.  If you require colouring supplies you must bring them. 

You will be dividing up the work load between your partners so that one person isn't responsible for the entire workload.

Please use the following resources to find your information.

Your presentation must look like the following:

Slide 1 - Introduce yourselves and your region.

Slide 2 - What is this Physical Region best known for?

Slide 3 - What biomes are in this region? What are the characteristics of the biomes?

Slide 4 - What is the Fauna of the region?

Slide 5 - What is the Flora of the region?

Each slide must completely answer the question in your own words and include at least 1 picture.

Innuitian Mountains/Arctic/North - Trystin and Fred

Hudson Bay Lowlands/Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands - Roy and Annabel

Western Cordillera - Kole and Lutz

Interior Plains - Olivia, Munteanu and Mckenna.

Canadian Shield - Caleigh and Dumelie

Appalachian Mountains/Atlantic Region - Abby and Rayel