Petting Zoo Animals

Petting Zoo Animals!

Remember the Petting Zoo Animals we saw at the Pumpkin Patch?!

Why are those animals considered "Petting Zoo Animals"?

How are they similar?

How are they different?


For this WebQuest, we are going to be focusing on the following GPS Standard:

SKL2. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to compare the similarities and differences in groups of organisms.

a. construct an argument by evidence for how animals can be grouped according to their features. ***

b. construct an argument supported by evidence for how plants can be grouped according to their features.

c. Ask questions and make observations to identify the similarities and differences of offspring to their parents and to other members of the same species.

***We will be focusing on part A for the standard of this WebQuest.

We are going to look into six different animals. It will be your job to determine whether or not the animal belongs in the class petting zoo or not!