Out of the Dust

Billie Jo lives in the dust bowl with her family.They try to grow crops but the crops just dry out when they plant them. One day the dust came and Billie Jo's mom had a baby Billie's mom died with the baby along with her. So now it is just Billie and her dad. One day the dust came again and Billie was outside when she got in the house she looked at her hands and they where burnt. When she tried to play the piano she couldn't it hurt her hands so bad.


  1. Make a game about Out of the Dust.
  2. When you are done with the game draw a picture of Billie Jo.
  3. When you finish drawing the picture make a Brosure about Out of the Dust.
  4. When you are making the brosure make sure to add pictures to the brosure.