RVC Library Tour


The Library is inside the Educational Resource Center ERC

Estella M Black Library




The library is an enjoyable place to find sources of information.








Different types of sources are shelved throughout the library.  You will find popular fiction, periodicals, and reference sections on the 1st floor. The vast number of library items are located in the General Stacks on the 2nd floor.                                                                                                                                                  



Popular Fiction



Periodicals consists of publications called magazines and journals. The items cannot be checked out.


Reference consists of publications such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and directories. The items in reference cannot be checked out of the library.


Most of the books in the library are located in the General Stacks on the 2nd floor.  

Library employees are available at the Circulation Desk and the Reference Desk. Staff at the Circulation Desk check out books and DVDs as well as lending reserve items, such as textbooks which are available when professors place them at the Circulation Desk. They handle the printouts of documents and take payments for them. And they take reservations for the group study rooms. 

Circulation Desk


Librarians who work at the the Reference Desk will gladly help you answer questions related to your library research. 


Computers and WiFi is available.

Information Commons on First Floor


Two computer lab classrooms in the library are used for classroom instruction. One is available as an "Open Lab" when all PCs in the Information Commons are in use.  


Six Group Study Rooms Are Available on the 2nd floor of the Library


Comfortable Seating is Available throughout the Library



The library has quiet areas for students to concentrate on study.













Here are some questions about RVC's Library. You should be able to find the answers by looking at the Introduction to this WebQuest.

1. Which campus building contains the Library?

2. What name has been given to the Library?

3. Name three areas in the library to find sources.

4. Which desk in the Library has a primary purpose of checking out books?

5. Which desk in the Library has a primary purpose of helping students find sources for assignments?




Finding items in the library requires going to the library home page where you will find the library's catalog and lists of the library's research databases. Both of these are tools for finding sources.

There are different systems to place items in order or arrange them on the shelves.


Books in the general stacks are arranged by Call Number. The Library of Congress Classification System is used. Here is a sample call number   Z 711.2 . B66  2011

Books in popular fiction are arranged by author's last name or arranged by the alphabet. For example, a book called Trouble on Cloud City by Kevin J. Anderson would be filed in the A's. The Call Number is ANDERS for Anderson and the location is Popular Fiction.

Periodicals are arranged on the shelves by the title of the publication. In this system, the magazine's title is used to put this area in order. For example, a magazine called Discover is placed on the shelves before Ebony.  But Discover would be after Bloomberg's Business Week.

Think more about finding items. 

6. Which of the following would be arranged by call number?

a. a book in the general stacks     b. a periodical called Journal of Accountancy  c. a paperback by Kevin J. Anderson called Champions of the Force.

7. In the periodicals section, you found an item called JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services). If you told someone else how to find it, would you say that periodicals are arranged by

a. author's last name  b. publication title  c. call number 

8. In the library catalog, you got results as shown in the following screenshot:

Why do these items include the phrase "No call number"? Choose the most complete answer.

a. Call Numbers are unlisted by request   b. Periodicals are arranged by the title   c.  you do not find

    journals using a call number




The answers to the questions are as follows:

1. Which campus building contains the Library?  The Educational Resource Center (ERC)

2. What name has been given to the Library? Estelle M. Black. The library was named after an African American woman who was one of first employees of the college in 1965. The library was named in her honor in 2007 through the generosity of some professional women whom she had mentored during her lengthy career as an Administrative Librarian with Rockford Public Library. 

3. Name three areas to find library material.  

   If you chose three areas among this list you are correct.

   Popular fiction, periodicals, reference books, general stacks. 

4. Which desk in the Library has a primary purpose of checking out books?   Circulation Desk

5. Which desk in the Library has a primary purpose of helping students find sources for assignments?

   Reference Desk


6. Which of the following would be arranged by call number? a. a book in the general stacks

7. In the periodicals section, would say the periodicals are arranged by  b. publication title

8. In the library catalog . . . Why do these say the items have "no call number"?  c.  you do not find

    journals using a call number 




Here are some words library users should know.


Call number: a set of letters of the alphabet and numbers which are used to find books and DVDs in the library. An example of a call number is shown


Library Catalog - a search engine which is used to find items in the general stacks, periodicals section, popular fiction section. Search results will give you a Call Number, publication title, and

Periodical  - a magazine, newspaper or journal which will contain new articles and has a given schedule for release

Sources - can include books of several types including novels, biographies, dictionaries and encyclopedias; can include articles from journals, newspapers and magazines; can include internet websites such as newspaper sites, YouTube postings, Facebook postings.