Find a Book in the RVC Library

You can find books and other types of information at the college library. We hope that you will use the library. There is no cost to check out books.


In this assignment, you will learn how to locate books.



If you wrote a book, you would be the author. Let's say you gave your book the title, Take Time to Do Things Right. Your reason for writing the book was to tell people how to avoid mistakes. Some keywords that describe what your book is about are mistakes and accuracy.



Let’s look at if you were trying to find a book in the library. There is one about mistakes called Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid.



Here are three steps to locate this book in the library.


Step 1: open the library's catalog on the RVC Library's web page. 


(click on the above web address to open the Library Catalog) 


Step 2: type in the title of the book and select "Title Begins" from the drop down menu.


Step 3: Click on Search. Find the call number of the book and write it down.    

 Step 4: View the title, location and call number of the book in the catalog.  


Book title ? _______________________________________

Location ? __________________________________

Call number ? ________________________________________  


The library puts books on the shelves in an order that is determined by the book's call number. 

The label on the book contains letters of the alphabet combined with numbers.

Here is an example of a call number for a book called The Wall.





image of call numbers


Test yourself:

1. To find a book in the library, I would 

    a. type the name of the book into the online library catalog

    b. look for the book on the shelf by the author's last name

2. Library books are given labels. What information is on the label 

    a. call number

    b. price    


To find a book in the RVC Library,

1. look in the Library's Online Catalog

2. write down the Call Number

3. walk to the shelves which have the same letters of the alphabet as the Call Number that I wrote down