"My Favourite Story"

Nearly all the stories have characters that define them, and the same happens with the environment where the story takes place.

We can classify the stories that we could read in class:

  • Puzzle stories/ detective stories,
  • Ghost stories, 
  • Monster stories,
  • Tales of terror,
  • Patagonian Legends.

There are many types of stories

What´s your favourite story?

From the digital "short stories" uploaded at the webpage and in pairs,

1- Choose and download a "short story".

2- After the reading, Can you imagine a new end for the story?

  • Write a short description.
  • Illustrate the new ending in a poster/ model to share in class.


Let´s start !

  1. Make a list of new vocabulary.

This link can help you to find the new words.

     2. What are the main characters of the story? Describe them. 

     3. What´s the problem in the story?

      4. What ´s the solution/ end for this short story?

      5. Has the story got a message? What is it?

      6. Can you imagine a new ending for the story? Write a paragraph (6-10 lines). 

Now, let´s draw/ model the new ending!

You can find ideas here, or in this link.

Keep in mind!


  • Written activity- Webquest.

Employ all the concepts learned in class- colours, numbers, physical description, adjectives- to answer the questions.  The webquest will be handed in to the teacher for control.

  • Oral Presentation- Product: Digital poster/ model. 

Short oral presentations in pairs. The groups will illustrate the new ending with their product. Students will show their digital poster / model to the class. The teacher will provide and explain the assessment grids to coevaluate and for self-assessment of the groups.

The assessment grids contain:

-Aspects to be evaluated : use of TICs, group presentation (the main message), product (poster/model), suggestions.

-Scale: Excellent-Very Good- Good- Regular.

At the end, the teacher will collect the grids to share the feedback (suggestions) with the groups for the improvement, 

and to estimate the final mark.