My Country Rocks

Hi There! 

Welcome to My Country Rocks Webquest!

Argentina is an amazing country in South America. It has beautiful places to visit, deliciuos food to try and wonderful people to meet.

In order to appreciate its wonders, people from the Tourism Industry have launched a project which involves showing videos or  presentations about the place where you live.

They need your help! You are going to take part in the selection of photos as well as information about the city where you live. What a responsibility!

Go ahead!


How can you help in the selection of videos or presentations?

The Tourism Industry members have sent you four links to watch.

  1. You'll work in groups of 3 or 4 people. 
  2. You'll look for photos of beautiful places in your city.
  3. You'll watch the videos on YouTube®.
  4. You'll compare the pictures you have with the places in the videos.

Last but not least!

You'll answer the following task.

"We want to hear your opinion. Make a video or a presentation answering this question:

Why is it worth to visit La Rioja? 

We will choose three videos to post on our website"


  • Select the most eye-catching photos 
  • Select the most suitable tool
  • Add your photos AND text
  • Add some music to make it memorable! 

Let's start working!

  1. Form groups of 3 or 4 people.

  2. Use your mobile phone to take photos of places around your city.

  3. Use your mobile phone to look for photos of places around your city (Click on the links below to help you)


  1. Watch the following videos about different places in Argentina.
  2. Compare them with the places you have chosen in your city.

Last but not least...

  1. Make your video or presentation!!!

  2. Show it to your teacher and classmates next lesson.

Let's see how hard-working you are!

Each group will show the video or presentation to your teacher and classmates next lesson.

When you give your presentation remember to 

  • Introduce yourself (Name, age, school name and year of study)
  • Tell your teacher and classmates what you have made and which tools you have used in order to make it.
  • Show your presentation!

Argentina is a wonderful country which offers plenty of things to do. It is a huge country which has it all! 

Let's take care of it and contribute to its development and growth.

As a final task I invite you to post (any social network) an opinion about the wonders we have in Argentina and in La Rioja using the hashtags #lovemycountry #lovemycity 

Thank you!