Ms. Gruss Webquest

What do you want to do when you graduate high school?  Do you want to be a nurse, a mechanic, a beautician, cosmetologist, teacher, truck driver, lawyer, astronaut, or architect?  Think and brainstorm if you do not already know what career field you would like to go into.  If you are stuck between two career paths, make a T-chart with pros (the good) and cons (the bad).  Whichever one gets the most pros, for the purpose of this activity, choose that career path.

You task for this webquest will be to decide which career you want and find out at least 3 ways that math is used in these fields.  You will need to use the internet, books, or magazines to research and find out more about your career field.  These three examples of how math is used in your field must be written in complete sentences on a piece of paper with your name, date, and class period.  

1. Take the career cluster survey at…

2. See if your result aligns with the career you want/chose.  If not, you can still pick whichever one you want for this activity.  However, make sure it is one that interests you, because you will be researching it in detail.

3. Read this article...

4. Write a short paragraph (4-5 sentences) about which one of these 7 "Dream Jobs" that you would consider and how math is necessary for that occupation.

5. Watch this "Real Life Applications of Math" video and respond in 2-3 sentences on your paper.


Your paper should have: you name, the date, and class period at the top.  In addition to:

  • 3 examples of math in your dream job/occupation
  • 4-5 sentence paragraph on the "7 Dream Jobs" Article
  • 2-3 sentences on the "Real Life Applications of Math" video

In conclusion, math is needed for most every profession, occupation, and job.  Therefore, the conclusion of, "I will never use this in real life" is not a valid one.  Math is a subject in which much practice is required, but your efforts will pay off in the long run.  Math is also like riding a bike.  Once you know how to do certain skills, even if it has been a long time since you have done it, it will usually come back to you quickly when you do it again.