Ms. Coviello's Intro to The Crucible Webquest

Arthur Miller's The Crucible is a play that depicts the events of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. The events that unfold center around girls who become unexplainably ill after it is found out they dabbled in witchcraft in the woods with the minister's slave, Tituba. Mass hysteria ensues when the girls began to blame others for their illness leading to the trials and people being arrested and hung because of the accusations from these young girls.  Arthur Miller drew a parallel in The Crucible between the hysteria surrounding the witchcraft trials in Puritan New England and the postwar climate of McCarthyism. 




The information that you will learn during this webquest is crucial to your understanding of The Crucible. For this webquest, there are four categories that you will conduct research on.   For each category, SKIM the articles for each link provided and WATCH the videos; then TYPE a response to each of the questions in Complete Sentences that Reflect the Question or CSRQ.  Be sure that you are labeling the sections and providing correct numbering. You must paraphrase the information and not just respond word for word. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 

Type your answers in the blank Google Document attached to the assignment in Google Classroom entitled The Crucible Introductory Webquest. 


Category 1-Puritan Life

Category 2- Arthur Miller

Category 3- McCarthyism

Category 4-Salem Witch Trials



Category 1-Puritan Life

1. Who were the Puritans?

2. How did the Puritans view the Bible?

3. Where did the Puritans settle after leaving England?

4. What would happen to people if they opposed the Puritan's theological views?

5. What is conversion?

6. What is Predestination?

7. What would happen if one deviated from normal way of Puritan life?

8. Who held political office?

9. What did the Puritans believe about the devil and how did it influence their life?

10. What are the three English diversions that were banned in New England? 

11. What were the Puritans encouraged to read and write?

12. Why was education important to the Puritans?

Category 2- Arthur Miller

         -For the second article, you may skip to down to the section that starts with "paranoia breeds paranoia" and skim from that point to the end of the article for the answer to #7.     


  1. How did the Wall Street Crash of 1929 impact Miller's family?
  2. What university did he attend? 
  3. How did he earn money to go to school?
  4. When did he start writing?
  5. What awards has he won for his works? Be sure to name the two works and all of the awards he won for those works.  
  6. What famous actress was he married to?
  7. What inspired him to write The Crucible

Category 3- McCarthyism

  1. What fear dominated American society in the 1940s and 50s?
  2. Who is Joseph McCarthy?
  3. What is McCarthyism?
  4. What did Joseph McCarthy do that caused mass hysteria?
  5. What was the House of UnAmerican Activities Committee?
  6. What were at least three of the consequences should a person be found guilty of communism?
  7. What happened to Senator McCarthy as a result of his accusations
  8. What was Arthur Miller’s involvement with McCarthyism?
  9. In May 1957, what was Miller found guilty of?
  10. Name at least two other people in Hollywood affected by McCarthyism.
  11. CLICK HERE to watch the McCarthy Rap. In 1-2 sentences, what stood out to you about the McCarthyism time period and what was its impact on American history?

Category 4-Salem Witch Trials

Go to this link

*Read and answer the following questions.

REMIND ME TO SHOW THE CLASS THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO you can not access on your school computer :(

  1. When did the Salem Witch Trials occur?
  2. How many people were hanged as a result of the trials?
  3. What were the forces in conflict the time of the start of the trials?
  4. How else did they kill people accused of witchcraft in Salem?
  5. How did all the trouble of the witchcraft trials begin?
  6. What are some theories given for the girls’ afflictions (sicknesses)?
  7. How did Cotton Mather’s book and Dr. Grigg’s opinion help to create the problem – and then make it worse?
  8. Why do you think that people were willing to believe the girls who accused so many people of being involved in witchcraft?







Respond to the assignment in Google classroom entitled The Crucible Introductory Webquest. Include the categories and correct numbering for each of the sections. Remember, your answers should be in COMPLETE SENTENCES that reflect the question and paraphrased.