Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Learner will research the Loggerhead Sea Turtle and design a presentation explaining habitat, threats, and conservation status. 



Sea turtles, like the Loggerheard are survivors of the great age of dinosaurs and yet at this time are threatened with extinction. They live in nearly all the oceans of the world and leave the water only during nesting periods. It is during these nesting periods that the turtles and their offspring are the most vulnerable.

  1. Your first task is to research the Loggerhead sea turtle. You will need to explain the habitat, threats, and laws to protect the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.  
  2. Your second task is to create a PowerPoint presentation which illustrates the research you've conducted on the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Get to know the Loggerhead Sea Turtle 

Loggerhead Sea Turtle: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/reptiles/l/loggerhead-sea-turtle/#close 



Now it's time to get down to business. You will continue to research the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.  Use credible sources like books, scientific journals, national geographic, and authored websites. Wikipedia does not count as a credible source! The following topics should be included in your research:


                                  Nesting area - habitat - threats - protective laws 


Feel free to add any additional information to your slides that are unique to the Loggerhead sea turtle, in current events, or are just really cool facts!

 PowerPoint Presentation!

Now that you have compiled all of your research, it's time to put it all together! You will create a 4 to 8 slide presentation which highlights the topics that you researched. Be as creative with the presentation as you would like; add sounds, slide transitions, backgrounds, colors, or anything else that you think will snaz up your slides. Include a title slide at the beginning and a reference slide at the end of your presentation (these do not count as one of your 4 to 8 slides).

This is how you will be evaluated. 

Includes 2 research points
Includes 3 research points
Includes 4 research points
Includes 5 or more research points 
No effort into research /Content is vague
Not much time into research/Content is not relevant
Time has been put into research/Slides do not have enough content to explain 
Time has been clearly put into the research/Slides are content heavy 
Major Threat
Major threat presented is not applicable 
Major threat presented is not applicable to the Loggerhead Sea turtle, to to a different species of sea turtle 
Major threat presented is applicable to the Loggerhead Sea turtle, but not caused by humans 
Major threat is presented is applicabel to the Loggerhead Sea turtle and is caused by humans 



The research project and oral presentation have given you the knowledge to make a difference in the life of a sea turtle. Remember, it doesn't matter if you live near a coast or in the north part of Mississippi; all waterways lead to the ocean. Even small adjustments to your daily lives can have a huge positive impact on these marine reptiles!

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This was to help give students an understanding to the Loggerhead Sea Turlte featured in the novel, Skink by Carl Hiaasen.