Independencia de Mexico Webquest


Let's imagine you have been chosen to be a junior reporter on your school's newspaper. The paper is going to run an article on Mexican Independence Day and they want you to help write that article on the history and how our neighbors to the south celebrate  this holiday. Mexico is a country that has a rich history and Independence Day is a fabulous celebration, so your participation should be both interesting and lots of fun. Good Luck!

Your job is to explore various web sites to help in your understanding of Mexican Independence Day. Individually, you will research this information to answer questions and take notes. You will be using the data collected to write an article for the school's newspaper about the history and celebration of this national Mexican Holiday.  

Step 1: Research

Begin your individual research. Make sure you read all direction before you click. 

History. Find out all about the facts behind the celebration. 

Use the following guiding questions and links to find information about the history of Mexican Independence Day. Make sure you take notes as you research. 

1.When did Mexico's quest for Independence begin?

2.  Where did it all begin?  

3. What world events led to the uprising?

4. Who officially started the fight for independence?

5. What did he do to start the war?

6. With who did Mexico fight for its independence?

7. How did the war develop over the years?

8. How long did the war last?

9. What did Spain call Mexico during their reign?

10. What was the outcome of the battle?  

11. List at least 3 leaders of the Mexican Independence movement. how did they contribute?

Celebration. Find out who Mexicans celebrate their Independence Day 

1. Traditional Mexican Food:  Describe the authentic foods you would find at a traditional celebration for Mexican Independence Day.

2. Traditional Mexican Decorations:  Describe what is traditionally used for decorations during the celebration for Mexican Independence Day.

3. Traditional kinds of Entertainment and Celebrations: Describe the fiesta.  What would be the entertainment?  Describe what you would do or watch if you were at a Mexican Independence Day celebration.

Research links 

Use the links below to help you gather information.  Also, use and type in your questions to find information for your search.……


En español…… 

Step 2: Writing the article

After retrieving your information on the holiday you must then prepare a one full page article (minimum but it may be longer, not shorter) that explains the history and celebration of the Mexican Independence. In your article, you are to incorporate information about:

1. History

2. Traditional food

3. Traditional decoration

4. Traditional kinds of entertainment and celebrations. 

Please use MLA format when writing your article. Must be writing in double space. Proofread grammar and spelling. Do not cut and paste information from the websites, avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in an automatic 0. 

Plagiarism: an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language andthoughts of another author without authorization and therepresentation of that author's work as one's own, as by not creditingthe original author. 

Have fun! (:


  1. Students will be graded based on the following for a total of 100pts. 
  •   Article lenght. (minimum one full page) 

  •   Grammar and spelling. (you will be deducted one point per spelling/ grammar error)
    • Article is typed and double spaced.  Follows MLA format. 
      •   Work is done in a timely manner. 
      •   Information is accurate and appropriate. 

      •   Effort and participation. (actively working at all times).  

      Check out this MLA formatt sample page. 


      Outstanding. You've done it and on time too. I always knew you could. I can't wait until I read your article. I'm sure you've done a great job!!

      Extensions- If you have finished early please feel free to visit the following website for mexican games, fun facts and virtual tours.