The Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

What would it feel like to be a beautiful Monarch butterfly? How would you feel as a furry little caterpillar? Would you like to be cozy in a chrysalis? What kind of adventures would you go on the minute you realize you now have wings! You can fly! Anywhere!


Friends, you will be research scientists. You will explore and learn about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly. 

  • We will take a nature walk around campus and bring a few caterpillars you find to live in our classroom. 

  • You will place them in our Caterpillar house and observe how they change and grow.

  • You will go on a WebQuest to learn about the stages of the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly

  • You may revisit this WebQuest on our Chromebooks as questions arise

  • You will create a journal documenting your observations, together we will edit, draft, and publish a class Big Book to be kept in our classroom library and shared.

Research Scientists:


Five groups of four students each

Daily task of observing and journal logging observations

Recording through writing and pictures


Put on your thinking caps!



Review these questions/statements as you explore:



  • What is a Monarch butterfly?

  • How can we identify a Monarch butterfly? What colors is it?

  • How does their life begin?

  • What color is a caterpillar?

  • What is a chrysalis?

  • What is metamorphosis?

  • What will the Monarch butterfly do now?


I will be using a   3 2 1   Grading Rubric

Excellent                         Satisfactory                       Developing

       3                                        2                                       1


The following categories will be asessed

  • Student Observation log

  • Daily journal entries

  • Five stages of the writing process

  • Brain storm with thinking map, rough draft, prewrite, edit, publish

  • Contributing illustrations for our published classroom big book

You have learned so much about the Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly by completing the WebQuest!   

You have raised scientific questions about your research and investigated in cooperative teams. 

You can identify a Monarch caterpillar and a Monarch butterfly! 

You can describe the four stages of the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly and discuss them in detail. 

You have examined primary and secondary resources through the use of technology, photographs, documents, textbook, and reference books.


You have create and published a wonderful big book on The Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly!

You had an amazing time being a Research Scientist!

What else would we like to know/explore?

Read here to find out more about butterflies: