Life cycle of a butterfly

After the discussion 

  • the learners should be able to identify the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • they should be able to give the importance of cycle; and
  • they should be able to draw the life cycle of the butterfly.

Image result for life cycle of a butterfly drawing

The cycle should be drawn by the students.

The students should identify the following:

  • egg
  • caterpillar or larvae
  • pupae
  • cocoon
  • butterfly

The following are the criteria for evaluation:

  • creativity
  • cleanliness
  • mastery
  • ¬†

The life cycle of a butterfly starts when two matured butterflies mate together. Then, the female butterfly will lay its eggs. Next, the egg will become a caterpillar. After few days, it will round itself into a cocoon. Finally, the cocoon will become a young butterfly.