Learning with Music

Through this semester we have learn about Simple Present, Present Continuous and Past Simple. Working in groups you will be responsable for searching a suitable song to practice one of the  tenses above mentioned.

Let's learn and have fun!

Work in groups of 4 

1- Choose one of the following tenses:

- Simple Past

- Present Continuous

- Present Simple

2- Use a search engine such as www.google.com to find a song that will help us practice the tense you have choosen. As an example you could type in: "Songs to practice Simple Past"

3- Choose a song and create an exercise either in a handout or poster format.

4- Download the music from Youtube by typing into the link ss ( www.ssyoutube.com/...)

5- Monitor the exercise; giving examples, instructions and correcting possible mistakes. 

6- You have 45 minutes to do it! 


Let's learn and have fun!



Well done! 3

Good! 2

Keep trying! 1


One of the following tenses were chosen:

Simple Past

Present Continuous

Simple Present




Suitable Song:

The song it is applicable to the chosen tense.




Handout or poster:

Students create a handout or poster so the exercise can be completed




Suitable exercise:

The exercise exposed actually evaluates the use of said tense.





The students complete the task of choosing and preparing material in under 45 minutes.




How did your exercise help your classmates?

What did the other songs helped you understand the previous content?

What would you have changed?


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