To Kill A Mockingbird Introduction

Welcome to my To Kill A Mockingbird webquest! The main purpose of this webquest is to help students understand more about the author and setting of this book before starting to read in order to achieve greater understanding. The information in this webquest provides students with essential information about the social climate in the South during the 1930s, American history leading up to the social climate in the South, and Harper Lee's background and motivation for writing To Kill A Mockingbird.


Prior knowledge is an absolutely essential component of a reader's comprehension. Although the 1930s weren't all that long ago, many students may not know or understand a whole lot about that time period. By providing students with background knowledge, they will be able to better understand character motivation and action, author point of view, and To Kill A Mockingbird's important message.


Another essential component of comprehension is prediction. The last question in every task asks the student to make a prediction about To Kill A Mockingbird based on what he/she learned from the task. By making a prediction before reading the book, the student will have already connected with the literature and therefore the student will make a stronger connection while reading. 


This webquest will be finished in the classroom. Each group will meet together to discuss what was learned in the particular task. Then, the class will jigsaw in order for everyone to learn a little bit about each area covered in this webquest. By participating in the jigsaw activity in the classroom, each student will become a teacher and a learner. This means that every student is accountable to their classmates for having the information on his/her particular task so everyone can learn.