Hydrocarbon combustion

Hello everyone! If you have found this WebQuest, it means that you are interested in chemistry.This WebQuest contains learning material about the theme "Hydrocarbon combustion". Do you know what hydrocarbon combustion is?What its products and reactants are? What types of combustion reactions there are? It's your job now to answer these questions!



Dear chemistry students! Your task is to answer the questions, that have been offered in this webquest by using the information, which is available in this video. 


  • 1. Which chemical element is always one of the reactants in combustion reactions?
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Oxygen
  3. Calcium.
  • In which type of hydrocarbon combustion reactions there are only two products?
  1. Complete combustion
  2. Incomplete combustion
  • What do hydrocarbons contain?
  1. Nitrogen and hydrogen
  2. Oxygen and hydrogen
  3. Hydrogen and carbon.
  • In which combustion reaction are carbon monoxide and carbon produced?
  1. Complete combustion
  2. Incomplete combustion
  • What chemical compound is always produced in hydrocarbon combustion reactions?
  1. Saltwater
  2. Aluminum hydroxide
  3. Water.

Well done on completing the test! Hopefully you have managed to successfully find the answers to all the questions. Now you are going to be given the correct answers. Check them and evaluate your knowledge on this subject!

The correct answers:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Complete combustion
  3. Hydrogen and carbon
  4. Incomplete combustion
  5. Water.


After doing this webquest, you should have gained more knowledge on hydrocarbon combustion. This information will definitely be useful during your future chemistry lessons. Hopefully you have learned what its products and reactants are, what types of combustion reactions there are and how to write balanced chemical reactions. Well done!