How to Subtract

Through this webquest children will learn how to subtract numbers and objects. They will learn also how to use a variety of strategies to subtract small numbers. Most importantly is to work collaboratively in independent groups.

To apply on how to subtract numbers and objects.

In your notebook and using the websites given below:

1. Define subtraction. Give examples. Explain a few examples from your own life.

2. Familiarize them what a subtraction looks like. Differentiate it with the addition, division and multiplication.

3. Show the BrainPOP Jr. movie Basic Subtraction. Remember to pause to allow students to discuss and answer the questions posed in the movie. 

4. Divide the class into small groups, and within each group assign pairs of students to work together. Explain that each group will rotate through different activities from BrainPOP Jr.

5. Give a tour of the centers set up around the room for students to complete the following activities with their partners:

A. Pairs can use the computer to do the Draw about it activity.
B. Pairs play the Subtraction Game with their partners.
C. Pairs write and solve story problems with their partners and then exchange them with other partnerships.
D. Pairs or individuals can complete the Hard or Easy Quizzes on the computers or on paper.Continue rotating as time allows.
E. Pairs can use the Word Wall to practice key vocabulary words related to Subtraction. Each student can copy each of the 5 words on index cards and write or draw a definition in their own words, then test one another using the cards.

6. Organize students to get started at their first station. Spend about 15 - 20 minutes at each station. When time is almost up for the day, have partners interview one another on their favorite activity and share out a few answers.


   5-3 = _____

   6-1 = _____

   5-4 = _____

   7-3 = _____

   8-2 = _____


   Seven minus One is equal to ___.

   Three minus three is equal to ___.

   Ten minus one is equal to ______.

   Four minus three is equal to ____.

   Five minus zero is equal to _____.


   I have eight candies in my pocket. I ate four of the candies. How many do I have left?

   I have nine books in my bag. I left the three books in the house. How many do I have left?

   I have ten balls in the basket. I gave you two. How many do I have left?

   I have five presents under the tree. I opened one. How many do I have left?

   I put six marshmallows in my hot chocolate. I ate two of the marshmallows. How many do I have left?

You should have learned how to subtract objects and numbers in different strategies. Take your time in solving the problems and analyze it thoroughly before answering it. Learn to collaborate in a group so it would improve your self-esteem as well.


Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose. 

~Albert Einstein