health fads

health fad details
vaping vaping is a smoking substitute without tabacco
body blade body blade is a thing that you shake and it looses body fat
avacado you can live off avocado
meatless monday you have to not eat meat every monday 
juicing you put fruit and veggies in the blender and chug your way to better health


body blade 1. its promoted on tv ads and the news. i think it would work because on all the tv ads a reveiws the people always look reallhy fit and healthy. because some people would think it wouldnt do anything just shakin a pole

 meatless monday 2.its promoted on the internet. i think it would work because people would see it and want to try it. i think it wouldnt work because every body wants to eat meat.

juicing 3. its promoted through beyonce. i thinnk it would work because beyonce did it and everybody would want to be like her. i think it wouldnt work because not every body would want to juice all their food.

Q5: vaping cause their probably the easiest

Q6: juicing because blending up your food would be gross

Q7: the side effects of meatless mondays is slight headaches, slight dizzyness, weakness,

Q7: the side effects of juicing can be headaches, moods, and dizziness

Q7: the negative sid effects of the body blade is it doesnt really work