Have you ever been to the places seemed to strange with us? If you want to, the story “Gulliver’s travels” will bring you to land of magical. This story is about the man who named Gulliver. His dream was going around the world to the lands which no one knew. But the big storm arrived, Gulliver lost the strange island named “ Lilliput”, this island was the same with others except one thing, the people in here were so tiny like ants. At first, Gulliver had been captured by the King of Lilliput because he claimed that Gulliver had the bad intention with his country. Fortunately, the King realized Gulliver was no harm to his country. Therefore, he released Gulliver and treated him like a special guest in here. To paying the King’s kind, Gulliver helped this country lots of things, especially when Lilliput met the invasion from the neighborhood country. By the strengths and encourages, Gulliver had stopped the invasion and saved the country from the risk. The king and people were so grateful to Gulliver. At the end, the king offered Gulliver whatever he wanted, but Gulliver just wanted the king build for him large ship so that he could get home. Finally, he said goodbye the king and the people in Lilliput and hoped to meet again.


Level: Pre-intermediate

A number of students: 15 members

There are three lessons:

Lesson 1: (45 minutes)

Students brainstorm ideas based on pictures and then they will watch a short film to understand the content. After that, they will learn the vocabulary.

Lesson 2: (45 minutes)

They will review the lesson by playing game Kahoot. However, to know deeply, they will watch again each episode to pick up one to be on stage. They will present their proposal first to be received feedback from teachers and friends.

Students will be in 3 groups

After the lesson 2, the teacher will ask them that every material will be prepared at home.

Lesson 3: (45 minutes)

They present the play.

There are three lessons:

Lesson 1: students will look at the picture to guess a name of the story.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ​​​​gulliver travel

After brainstorming, they will watch a short film and answer the questions

1. How many characters are there in the story?

2. Which parts make them impressive?


Pre teach vocabulary:

Storm (n)

Satisfy (v)

Hunger (n)


Lesson 2:

To begin with the lesson, students will be reviewed the words and the content of the story by playing Kahoot game.

Then, students will watch again each episode to pick up one part they are quite into in order to be a role-play based on

This link contains the Gulliver's Travel story including a script, and audio.

After watching films, students will discuss and choose one episode they like. The teacher will invite them present their proposal to be received feedback from friends and the instructor.

The teacher will remind them to prepare/ design items, clothes in paper or whatever they can find to wear in a play. Everything will be prepared at home


Lesson 3:

5 minutes for them to review the script.

40 mins for students to perform. Each group will have around 12 mins to act

A teacher will base on criteria.

Their preparation will be counted in their present..

Kết quả hình ảnh cho rubric speaking

Students have remembered the story easily by watching the clip on Internet and telling the story again by their own words. Moreover, they also learnt how to use the simple past tense in terms of usage, recognition signal, the structure of this tense. In addition, they knew how to write a paragraph about what happened in the past by using this grammar point.