Golf/Summer workouts

Hello Everyone,

This is Jonathan Hupp, I'm excited to get to work with all of you as your 2017 men's golf coach. I know a lot of people are busy throughout the summer so I've decided to make a WebQuest so that you have a reference about summer workouts and important articles and websites that can be used to help your golf game and help shave those shots off your game. There are so many good recourses on the web from swing help videos and sports psychology videos. There are websites with interactive interfaces that will help pick the right set of clubs for you. I want everyone to take advantage of the opportunities that are online. If you want to be successful and shoot lower scores then everyone needs to do some independent research, but most importantly play some golf!!  

Over the course of the summer, we will be working every week to improve your golf game. There are a couple of aspects of the game I want to talk about over the course of the summer. The first being the swing in general, short game, sports psychology, and workouts. I know that if you take this seriously each and every one of you will drop 5 shots off your game over the summer and we will be ready to take on the other schools at the start of the fall. I will post some videos that will help with your swing mechanics and some videos that will help with your workouts. This WebQuest will be updated weekly with new videos and techniques that will help everyone with their golf game. We will be seeing each other 3 days a week for official team practice but I expect everyone to be practicing on their own time which is why I'm creating this page so that even when I'm not there you can have some reference of what you should be doing and some instruction that will help you with your game. 

One way to learn about the art of the golf swing is to watch the best players in the world. You will learn a lot about their swings. I want everyone to watch this videos and take some notes on some of the swing mechanics that you notice in these swings. 

the swing plane is one of the most important parts of the swing if your swing plane is off you will not get the results you're looking for. This video will help with swing plane, I want everyone to be practicing the drill showed in this video.

Golf is not a game of perfect, When we do miss some greens were gonna need to get up and down to save our pars. The short game is one of the most important parts about golf and it is the easiest way to drop shots on your game. This video will offer some tips on chipping and pitching the ball onto the green. 

now that we have some videos that will help us with our swing and our short game I want to talk about the body. If theres something in golf that is becoming more and more apparent is that fitness is starting to become more and more evident in the game. Dustin Johnson, Brooks Kopeka, Rory Mcillroy are some of the top pros in the game right now and all have intense fitness regime that is helping them win major championships. Most golf teams in our area don't have a fitness program but we are going to be different. 

I'm going to post some workouts that you can do on your own time and during our mandatory lifting days on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at 7am. › Training › Strength Training › Golf

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    Okay, everyone, The time is here! Summer is up and the season starts in one week!! Let's take a look at some of the results from the summer. I wanted everyone to drop at least 5 shots by the end of the summer and we had almost everyone on the team complete the goal and some others that came very close. I'm very impressed with everyone's work and dedication over the summer. Here are a list of golfers and the shots dropped over the summer.

    Max Lister - went from a 20 handicap down to a 10 handicap. Great improvement max.

    John Belz - went from a 25 handicap to a 17 handicap. Way to exceed your goal. 

    Erick Cambell went from a 9 handicap to a 4 handicap. Looking forward to great things from you. 

    Mitch Madonia went from a 13 handicap to a 9 handicap. Great improvement, almost got to 5 shots!

    Cody Holster went from a 15 handicap to a 10 handicap. way to meet your goal!

    Johnny Nuneg went from a 7 handicap to a 2 handicap. You're looking at being our number 1 into the season keep it up!!  


    I couldn't be more excited to start this golf season with you. As a team you have all showed me your dedication and love for the sport of golf and I'm expecting great things for you in this upcoming year. Everyone met the goal for 5 shots dropped except one who dropped 4 shots and was very close. I'm very pleased with everyone's evaluations heading into the season and couldn't be more proud. 

    I want everyone to reflect on this process and keep all of the important information that you learned this summer for the upcoming year. I'm looking forward to what you guys as a team have to offer. Just because the summer is up and our preparation period is over doesn't mean that we are going to stop working. I'm going to keep our summer WebQuest page up and continue updating new material so that we are all staying sharp. It's been a pleasure to work with you all this summer and I'm looking forward to some great team wins in the upcoming season. Good job everyone.


    Coach, Jonathan Hupp