Getting Started with windows 8.1

The company that you are working for has a new employee starting, this employee hasn't used a windows computer before, as they have been using MAC's before. you have been given the task of showing them how to use a windows system.

In your role of mentoring your companies new employee you need to be able to give a demonstration, on the basics of Windows 8.1 

Explore the web links provided and then answer the questions that were set before you (1-9) You will give a demonstration to your employee using the projector, you will be working in pairs on this task

1) Log into and out of Windows 8.1

2) View the Charms bar

3) view running apps

4) Use common keyboard shortcuts

5) Use common gestures

6) Use the Help + Tips app

7) Switch users

8) Lock and unlock your computer

9) Turn off and restart your computer


Your presentation will be evaluated based upon completeness of your answers and your group presentation skills

Whatever your role in the workplace you maybe call upon to mentor a new employee, In today's work place everyone needs to know the basic use of computers.

Think about what else you could give aid to this employee when using computers?