Geography around the world

Geography is something we all need to learn about. We are surrounded by geography and it's our job to learn as much as we can about it.

Your job is to use the internet and search as many as geography places you can find. You need to put together a map with all the different geography around the world. You must all list all the website you used for your information to back it up.

Questions you must ask yourself putting together this assignment.

What are the different geography places?

How are each mountain, river and landmarks similar and different?

Where can you find these places around the world?

After finding all these different questions, you will need to put together a portfolio with different geography landmarks and what makes them so special.

You will be graded on your creativeness, neatness and the information you put together.

The most geography places you show me, the higher grade you will receive. 


At the end of the portfolio, you will put together a summary on why these places are important to you and our world.