The Food Pyramid and Meal Plan

Have you ever wondered what food is healthy for you and what is not?

The food guide pyramid was created to monitor the type of food you eat by placing food into groups and how many servings you should consume each day. We will learn the five different food groups and how each is important in a healthy diet.

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You will need a computer and internet access to visit the website

This website will give you information on the different food groups and the amount of servings you should consume per day. 

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You will then create a seven day meal plan based on your findings.

Read Chapter 12 in your Health Book.

To start off, read chapter 12 in your health book. This chapter covers all the information you need to know about nutrition and the food guide pyramid.

Choose My Plate

Your class will spend 3 consecutive days in the computer lab. Here you will access the website Your teacher will help you navigate the website so you can find the necessary information you will need to make a meal plan. Find out how many servings of each food group you need to eat per day based off of your age and gender. There are also meal ideas provided to help you get started on your meal plan.

Make a 7-Day Meal Plan

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Here is where things get a little tricky... making a meal plan for one whole week!

Your teacher will provide a worksheet that you will fill out. You will need to provide:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Dinner

Don't forget to add beverages! Hint: Milk is a good source of dairy!

You will turn in your worksheet to your teacher for grading.

Food Pyramid/Meal Plan Grading Rubric

  Did Not Meet Met Expectations Exceeded Expectations

Were all of the food groups covered?

Were proper amounts included over the course of each day, according to their age and gender recommendations?      
Did the student have an understanding of how to
create meals out of various food group items?
Did they include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack, as well as beverages?


How do you feel about your current eating habits, now that you have learned more about the food pyramid? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I eat as much vegetables as I should?
  • Do I eat as much fruit as I should?
  • Do I eat more fats and sweets than I should?
  • What kind of changes should I make in my diet?
  • What kind of snacks would be better for my body?

Mrs. Katie Swartz

7th Grade Health Class

Food Pyramid and 7-Day Meal Plan Project