First Week

Hello over the next few days you will learn how Mr. Mulligan's class runs and some of the tools you will utilize throughout the year. You will explore websites, go through the group process, and learn the rules and regulations.

During your visit you will be asked several questions from the various websites. You must answer these questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

Good Luck and have fun.....

Quest 1:  Log in to your Office 365 and go to class notebook.  Mr. Mulligan should have shared this with you and you should have received an email.  Once there please have Mr. Mulligan initial your tracking sheet. 


Quest 2:  Visit the link and answer the questions about Mr. Mulligan's Website on the Harpers Ferry Main Page. 

Directions:  List the 8 sections

Quest 3: Stay on the page and enter the Quizlet section.

Directions:  Give 2 examples of a quizlet you will take this year.

Quest 4:  Stay on the page and enter the Webquest section.

Directions:  What is the first web quest listed?

Quest 5:  Stay on the page and enter the Video Section

Directions:  In your own words describe the video section.  What do you see, what videos are there. 

Quest 6:  Stay on the page and enter study guide

Directions:  Open the Greece study guide and copy question 2.  Attempt to answer the question to the best of your ability.  (you will not be graded for correct or incorrect answer)

Quest 7:  Stay on the page and enter the class recording sections

Directions:  In this section you will find previous lecture recordings.  Explain why this might be a useful tool. 

Quest 8: Stay on the page and enter the helpful sites page

Directions: Visit one helpful site and in your own words write one paragraph about the site.


Answer each of the questions in complete sentences.  Answers must be done in complete sentences, and turned in.