Figurative Language Web quest Review

You are trying to land a job as a publisher at a famous magazine company. This magazine loves vivid details in their articles, so you are going to create a portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge of figurative language.

In your google doc you will include:

~Examples of figurative language from other songs

~lyrics from your favorite song; then highlight and label the figurative language you find.

~newspaper advertisement

~short article about "Life as a Starburst"



--> when finished share it with


You will need to understand the following types of figurative language:








- Imagery 

Part A: Listen to the songs. Using your notes, write down the type of figurative language used in each song on your google doc under Part A.



Part B: Find a picture from a Internet in order to create a slogan which uses figurative language. The slogan should make the audience want to purchase it.

 Example: 3D crest toothpaste 

Slogan: "Your teeth will be blinding white!"


Part C: You are to write a short story about "A Life as a Starburst." You will become the starburst and image what it must be like.  In the story, you need to include at least 2  different types of figurative language. Also, you will highlight and label the figurative language on your google doc. 



Part D: Copy and paste your favorite music lyrics to a google doc and locate figurative language.  Highlight the figurative language and label it. You must label a minimum of 4.

At the end of this, you should understand how figurative language enhances one's writing by adding vivid details. It helps the reader to understand what the author is trying to capture in his/her story.


Share your google doc with Ms. Apke when finished and begin working on Scrooge Characterization for Stave 1 and 2 with evidence (quotes)