Exploring Web 2.0 tools for networking and collaboration

Hello everyone,

This webquest will be a wonderful adventure into exploring tools that can help you network and collaborate on-line. As you know, there are many marvelous resources out there and we are inviting you to focus on one that interests you.

With your colleagues, you will create a collaborative presentation (we suggest that it could be Power Point) with the tools each one of you explored.

Welcome, and happy webquesting!!!!

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You will create a joint presentation, which we suggest could be done on google slides (https://www.google.com/slides/about/), regarding tools that you feel are useful in promoting professional (or student) networking and collaboration. Each one of you will explore one tool that you find useful and attractive and contribute with your information to the final product. Although you will work individually, this is a cooperative project, so you may look for ways to interact as if you were not in the same classroom. (You could use, for example the chat on Virtual Sabana). Be creative!!!

This is the process we recommend that you follow. However, feel free to make any adjustments you feel might work better for you.

  1. Check the graphic organizers with different tools. 
  1. Choose one of the tools you would like to become more familiar with. Please note that you may explore other tools that are not included in the chart. 
  2. Explore the tool and become familiar with it. Take into account the following elements: 
    • Main objective(s) - What is the tool especially good for?
    • General characteristics
    • Main advantages and drawbacks
    • Examples (please be specific) of how you could use it in your practice. 
  3. Create slides to present this information to others. Establish guidelines with your colleagues as to how you will organize the joint presentation. (Remember that this must be done virtually).
  4. Self-assess your work. 

Self-assess your work in the project:




Individual work



  • Did you use the criteria proposed in order to select the tool?



  • Did you take into account the requirements of the task when doing your individual work?



  • Did you fully explore the tool you are interested in?



  • Were you able to describe the tool completely?



  • Did you create complete slides that are easy to understand?



Partial score – Add the number of “yeses”.



Group work – as a member of the group



  • Did you always communicate virtually with your colleagues?



  • Did you communicate in a respectful manner?



  • Did you ensure that the task was completed correctly by all the group?



  • Did you help all the members of the group to complete the task?



  • Did you contribute actively to the decisionmaking process of the group?



  • Did you put into effect the elements of cooperative learning during the task?



Partial score – Add the number of “yeses”



Group work – results



  • Was the work carried out completely and efficiently by the group?



  • Were differences of opinion solved respectfully?



  • Was everyone given a chance to participate, and even encouraged to do so?



  • Is the final product a quality product that reflects the team work carried out to create it?



Partial score – Add the number of “yeses”    

Total score – Add the partial scores






Congratulations! You have successfully completed the webquest!! You know have a presentation on 4 tools for networking and collaborating that you can go back to in order to review and remember how they work. You can also set up a presentation for your colleagues at your institution. We hope that this has been an enriching experience for you. 

Created for the Autonomous Learning Environments Course (2017-2) by Catalina Caro and Ana María de Samper