Some people dream of owning their own business. Some people want to be their own boss. Where do business ideas come from.

Did you know you can create a business based on hobbies, interests or strengths? Did you know a lot of entrepreneurs start when they are under age 18?

Watch the following video about Gabrielle Jordan Williams, age 13.

The Making of a Young Entrepreneur

Following instructions and complete activities to be able to:

- explain the characteristics of a success entrepreneur

- create an entrepreneurial idea

- create a plan for business

Entrepreneurs can be involved with anything. Listed below are some examples. These areas have started with an idea and become a success. A young entrepreneur has been created. 

Click on the links below to locate articles and videos on a young entrepreneur. After listening or reading answer the questions regarding each entrepreneur.





Women's fashion

Clothing Company

Sports equipment




Car Safety

Men's fashion   -   plus an NBA connection 2nd article




Choose three (3) entrepreneurs to learn more information about. Then, answer the following questions about each young entrepreneur. Please put the information into your own words.


1.Who is the entrepreneur? 

2. How old are they now?  

3. How old were they when they started their first business? 

4. How did they get started? 

5. Have they started any other businesses or a charity? If so, what else did they start? 

6. What other interesting information did you learn about your entrepreneur?