Since we have read Emma, we will now watch the movie Clueless, and you will make comparisons!  

Use this link to help you gain some understanding of how Clueless is a more modern version of Emma!






You will answer these questions for me:

1. How is Cher's character similar to Emma's?

2. How did Cher's character/attitude change during the movie?  Who helped her have different viewpoints, and how?

3.  How does Tai compare to Miss Smith?

4.  Does Cher seem to accept Tai for who she is, and her love interests at the end?  How does that compare to Emma?

5. How does Josh compare to Mr. Knightly?  

6. What is different about the fathers in the book/movie?  (Cher's father and Emma's father)  How does Cher's father determine her character in the movie?  Is she influenced by him at all?  Compare this to Emma.

7.  Who reminds you of Mrs. Elton in the movie Clueless?  Why?

8.  Since you have now watched the movie and read the book, what overall similar viewpoints of society remain?  Elaborate. 

*Bonus question*  Do you think Cher/Emma "changed" at all during the story?  What changed about them?  How did they change?  What/who pushed them to change?  Finally, do you think, personally, that people can really change for the better; permanently?  Elaborate!  

Question 1-8 are worth 5 points each.  

Bonus question is worth up to 10 points!  I highly encourage you to at least try to answer it!  It is an opinion, and it will help if you lose a few points from 1-8!

The best thing to do is look over the link I provided, plus make sure you pay attention during our movie time in class!  This is a comical movie, so it should be fun!



Now you understand the similarities between Emma/Clueless!  I hope you have learned a lot from this assignment!  Austen is still reaching audiences today, and we can still relate (in a more modern manner) to what she has written about 200 years ago!

"Clueless understands Jane Austen better than 1996's more literal..."

By: Tasha Robinson