Are you comfortable?  Good.

I’m here to help you.  I am your guide. 

Let’s begin... 


It is time to set out on your journey. Your travels will not be easy.  There are no straight paths for you to follow, and it will be difficult to know whom to trust.  But with persistence, you will help Adam Farmer uncover his past, and at the same time, you will discover the identity of another stranger...yourself.


The sooner you begin, the better things will be for you.  Click on “Task” when you are ready.


“Have you been administered your medicine today?”

Your objective for this webquest will be to create a government “file” for Adam Farmer.  You will fill this file with various papers, each described in the Process section of the webquest.  You will be provided with a folder, into which you will  gather all of your work.  You are responsible for maintaining your file, and your “teacher” will deny any knowledge of such a file should you misplace it or allow it to fall into the hands of our adversaries.  You will be reading I Am the Cheese as you complete the file, and most of your reading will be done in the privacy of your own home.  Before you were assigned this task, your home was thoroughly checked, and it is secure.  You will be monitored and unsuccessful agents will be disposed of properly.

Good luck.

The eyes stared at him occasionally...He felt like a target...

Use your reading and the websites provided to complete the tasks, activities, and written pieces for your government file. The page numbers indicated correspond with the various tasks for the Adam Farmer file. These tasks should be completed in order as you read.   


I. The Adam Farmer File:

1.- 1.Pages 1-17:

”My name is Brint.”  When Brint speaks to Adam, it often seems that he is speaking cryptically, in a kind of code that confuses Adam and makes him wonder what the “hidden meaning” is behind Brint’s words.  Click on the following link, which will take you to some cryptogram activities.  Do two cryptograms from the BEGINNER page and two from the INTERMEDIATE page.  You may use the hints, but you may not look at the solutions. Copy the cryptograms you want to do into a Google Doc and solve them. Then you can turn them in.

Cryptograms activity

2.Pages 18-38:

“Don’t upset the beast.” Adam has a number of fears, and he is particularly scared of dogs.  Read the following article.  It is a long article with several sections, so you may choose 3 sections and write a 1 paragraph summary on each. (3 paragraphs total)   Phobias and Fears article

3.Pages 39-56:

“You look like a great candidate for the Number.”  One of the reasons that Adam loves Amy Hertz is that she is so mischievous and her pranks, the Numbers, make him feel alive.  The Numbers are basically harmless, and they create a bond between Amy and Adam.  Write a scene (as if from a story) in which Amy and Adam pull off a Number.  Think of one of your own.  The scene should show the relationship between Amy and Adam and their personalities as well as their actions.  Your scene should be no less than one typed page (double spaced). 

4.Pages 57-75:  

No writing due, just reading.

5. Pages 76-106:

No writing due, just reading.

6.Pages 107-135:

“It’s time to do something about Adam.” Imagine Adam’s emotions as his memories begin to emerge and he recalls his discussions with his father.  For this task, you will create a piece of art that captures some of Adam’s emotions as he goes on this personal journey.  The piece doesn’t actually have to show Adam; it should capture a FEELING that Adam has.  It can be realistic, abstract, however you choose.  The following page has some art samples that may inspire you:  

http://www.artsology.com/emotion-in-art.php  Title your piece as the emotion you are trying to express.  Your piece should be on a single piece of paper and can be completed using any medium you’d like.     

7. Pages 136-163: *Completed Folder Due!*

“Where’s my father?  Where’s my mother?” Adam has referred to himself as a rat in a maze.  He doesn’t know which path to follow or if he’s really making progress. Now, create your own maze at the following site: http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/maze/makemaze/index.htm

When complete, use the "Snagit" chrome extension to capture a screenshot picture of your maze, and turn it in.

8.Pages 164-183:

No writing due, just read.

9. Pages 184-213: 

No writing due, just read.

“What do you really want to know about me?”

All tasks will be evaluated on the quality of your written work, your creativity, your depth of thought and level of effort, and your editing and language skills.

 The Adam Farmer File- (50 points total)

    1. Cryptograms (5 points)

    2. Phobias and Fears (15 points)

    3. Scene between Adam and Amy (15 points)

    4. Art Piece (10 points)

    5. Maze (5 points)


“You must say it...You must not stop now...”

Congratulations.  You have completed your assignment.

If we should require any further assistance from you, we will contact you.  It is imperative that you not share the information you have uncovered with Adam Farmer.  He continues to be a person of interest to our agency, and he is under continuous surveillance.

You, however, are expendable.

This webquest will self-destruct in 5 seconds.