Ed tech webquest

For this webquest, you are going to remember the great musicians in the classical era.

Are you familiar with this musician?

The object of this game is to guess the famous musicians you see in the picture. Once you have done guessing, pick the answer you have chosen. If you get it wrong its okay you are allowed to try again.  Make sure you look carefully and guess all things you need in each game.

For the game, you need to guess the person behind the picture. When you are finished, check your answers. The game will determine if you have guessed correctly. If your answer is incorrect you start again. If you want to exit, just click the shades and click exit.


The students are evaluated according to the correct answers they guessed. Teachers must ensure that the students explore the site independently.


Learners will have accomplished a variety of guessing games that will help them identify as well as recognize musicians.  Students will be able to play all three games if time allots and if frustration builds games allow access for students to either work with a partner and or help from the teacher. 

Use this webquest to view different musicians to implement in the classroom.  Games found in the resources are free to use.  All games can be played individually, in groups, as well as with help from others.  This webquest is used to help early learners identify classical musicians