Earthquakes 5th grade

You are going to Learn and explore the ins and outs of Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes so buckle up it may get shakey

To Lern about Earthquakes and Volcanos

Instructions: Go to each of the websites indicated below.

Answer the questions or complete the requested responses about each of those sites.

Make sure your explanations to the answers as complete as possible.

Plate Tectonics

1. What are Plate Tectonics?

a. Read the follow article and use the space below to define and describe Plate Tectonics.

b.. What are the driving forces behind plate tectonics? Explain in detail.


2. What is an Earthquake?


a. Read the follow website and in your notebook define and describe what an earthquake is.

b.  describe the following:

i. Under Faults describe Hypocenter:

ii. Under Faults describe Epicenter:

iii. Seismograph:

iv. Richter Scale:

v. Ring of Fire:

c. . Fill in the gaps to learn how Earthquakes form.

i. Earthquakes develop in the ___________________ of the earth. The inner part of the earth contains massive __________________. Some of this energy escapes through ____________ and other volcanic activity, but the bulk of it is ___________________ within the earth’s inner part, contained in the crust.

ii. The earth’s outer crust is held in place like a completed _________________________, with rough edges and lines. The energy stored here causes the pieces to slide, glide, knock and move around each piece. These pieces best describe what we call ‘_______________’.

iii. After a period of time, the built up energy and movement causes huge ________________ in the plates, and there is massive _________________on the fault lines. This intense pressure resulting from energy build up causes the fault lines give way, and plates move over, against or apart from each other.

iv. There is an __________________ at this point. In the form of _____________________ (like water ripples) the escaping energy radiates __________________ from the fault in all directions. The seismic waves shake the earth as they __________________through it. When the waves reach the earth’s surface, they shake the ________________ and anything on it, tearing down houses and structures.


i. Draw and describe each in your notebook .

e. Earthquake Waves: What are the two types of Seismic Waves?

Draw and describe each. P-Waves (Primary Waves)

S-Waves (Secondary Waves)

f. . Describe a Tsunami.

g. ”. Describe how we can prepare for an earthquake.



4. What is a Volcano?


a. Read the follow website in your notebook define and describe what a volcano is.

b. Where do volcanoes occur?

c.  Describe Why Volcanoes Erupt?

d.In your notebooks draw and describe the Common Types of Volcanoes.

Shield Volcano

Lava Domes

Cinder Cone

Volcano Composite

e. . Briefly describe the meaning of each

 The effects of volcanic Eruptions.



You will be evaluated using four assessments.

Description: The Student Self Asssessment will be worth 50 points.

Description: The Teacher Assessment will be worth 50 points.


This entire project is worth 100 points.